“These are elegant, haunting poems – with flashes of wit and humor — fit for our own dance of death. Essential reading for our time.”

Nancy Schoenberger,
author of Long Like a River
and Dangerous Muse


“Impeccable work from a versatile poet at the height of his alchemical powers.”

– John Amen,
Editor, Pedestal Magazine


“Among the Ruins/Entre las ruinas depicts a world that sometimes seems in the verge of collapse but that redeems itself under the readers’ eyes, when we allow poetry speak for itself.”

– Omar Villasana Cardoza,
author of Árbol de tu olvido

“Franklin has traveled widely and loved hard. His range is enormous and lyrical: portraits of prisons, men on the street in Miami, the weather in Venice; he evokes San Juan de La Cruz, Cavafy, Nietzsche and Goya. He provokes us to see ‘the sobbing and the wounds/ too small to notice.'”

– Sean Thomas Dougherty,
author of The Second O of Sorrow

“This is a book heard in whispers, a meticulous inventory of the space that houses mourning, absence, and even love: small noises, shadows that sketch in quiet struggle the figures of those who are present, and those who have gone.”

– Francisco Larios,
poet and translator, compiler of the anthology of American poets of the XXI century LOS HIJOS DE WHITMAN

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